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More considerations for rehabbing…

Continuing with our recent post on rehabbing, we’ll now move to some of the outside rehab work that you’ll need to consider before buying that next property to fix & flip.  We’ve broken down the various areas for you convenience.

Exterior Siding & Trim

Numerous older houses have wooden siding known as weatherboard. This could be repaired using wood sealing material and coated around every a decade, or succeeded. Other designs of siding entail aluminum, asbestos, vinyl, along with stucco. Aluminum siding can easily be destroyed, is more difficult to repair, and it is more difficult to paint than wood siding. Asbestos siding is generally not hazardous and usually non-friable, and may easily be painted or covered up with a different type of siding, but this might be unwanted due to disclosure regulations. Vinyl exterior siding has just about replaced the others because it lasts quite a while and does not should be painted. Siding substitution cost evaluation: Whilst measuring for siding, one could disregard wall openings, and assess the wall space to be fixed or upgraded. You could expect a normal installing of vinyl siding to cost you anywhere between $340-$650/CSF of wall area with respect to the grade of siding. CSF relates to 100 square feet.

Exterior Painting/Re-surfacing

There are certain issues to consider when painting the exterior of a residence including the surface to paint, additionally the height regarding the building. Before doing this, you ought to think about whether it’s essential to paint after all, and whether an easy power wash will accomplish exactly the same outcome.

Determine painting expenses: an average cost to paint a home outside with a single layer of painting at 2 skilled worker hours and 1gallon of paint per 100 SF (1 CSF) can run about $160/CSF, or $1.60/SF. You may then have to add charges for height, in addition to painting trimming. As an example for elevations of 8ft-13ft you might add 30% towards the cost. For heights of 13-17ft you could add 60% into the price of painting.

Windows & Doors

Windows Exchanging windowpanes can boost the resale worth of your premises, nevertheless it could be very costly if you fail to find a regular windowpane with ordinary proportions. For instance, if your windowpane spaces fit traditional vinyl windows, then you can certainly expect you’ll spend anywhere between $275 and $400 with respect to the measurements of the opening and glazing choices. Having said that, making specialized vinyl windows to fit a non-traditional space can increase these costs.

Doors Outside doors could run anywhere between $200 for a fundamental slab door, to $2,000 for a fashionable maple or Mahogany entrance. You are likely to spend around $1,500 to cut a wall space and set up a slab doorway. Inside doors are a lot more affordable and usually run anywhere between $100 and $500 based on materials, design, and sizing.


The life span expectation of roof covering is determined by the sort of roofing set up. A normal 3-tab shingle endures about two decades, design shingle will last 45 years, and tile as much as 150 years. Really often area of the dependence on a brand new roof is because the degeneration of roof decking. Also, with roofing this is certainly superimposed in addition to old roofing, decreases life span by 10-15 years.

Measurement To assess a set roof, simply break down the region into rectangles, compute the region of every, and mount up the sum total. To compute the roof area of a slanting roof correctly, you need to multiply the rafter distance because of the breadth of every pitch. Nevertheless, in the event that roof pitch isn’t any a lot more than 5 in 12, an easy general guideline can produce almost the exact same bring about a portion of enough time: Multiply the space and width for the structure, incorporating eaves and overhang. Divide by 100 to obtain the amount of roofing “squares.” You can add ten percent for a gable roof, 15 % for a hip roof and 20 % for a roof using dormers. A square is the same as 100 square feet.

Roofing tear-off can cost anywhere between $50/SQ for mineral pitch to $100/SQ for tile, and also this cost does not cover cart off. An innovative new shingle roof can run from $230/SQ for a fundamental twenty year shingle, to nearly $400/SQ for fire graded and wind tolerant 40 year shingles. Clay-based tile begins at nearly $800/SQ, and red roof can easily cost as much as $3,600/SQ.

Porches and Swimming Pools

Basic deck A regular post & beam wooden porch utilizes pressure tempered framework timber with 4″ x 6″ posts set in cement. A fundamental estimation might consist of cement, pressure processed posts, supports, joists 12″ on center, raw deck planks, galvanized components, nails, 4′ wide steps from porch level to walk out, 36″ high rail with bannister 4″ on center and stairway railing.

Making use of pressure tempered planks might begin at $34/SF as much as $60/SF for porch materials.

Pool considerations In-ground swimming pools might call for re-coating around every 5-10 years, nonetheless because of it is costs, it really is rarely carried out by property owners, which means you’ll likely need certainly to undertake this servicing.

The fee to prepare the swimming pool for coating is about $20/LF of swimming pool circumference, therefore the pricing to re-plaster begins at around $60/LF of swimming pool circumference.


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